Google Doodle celebrates 132nd birth Anniversary of Anasuya Sarabhai

Anasuya Sarabhai

Talking about the history of India, there are many stories of famous men but it talks less about famous women. The stories of these Indian women are remarkable and inspire people to work for better society. Today, Google Doodle is also giving tribute to one of such amazing ladies. She is Anasuya Sarabhai. It’s her 132nd birthday anniversary. She is known as pioneer of the women’s labour movement in India. Let’s know about her life.

Anasuya Sarabhai’s life
Born on November 11, 1885, Anasuya Sarabhai was a legendary trade union leader. She was born in wealthy family of Ahmedabad-based industrialists and got married at the age of 13. As she lost her parents in childhood so she was left with two younger siblings. But the marriage didn’t work out and she returned to her family. With the support of her brother, she left for England in 1912 to continue her studies.

Anasuya sarabhai
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How the movement started?
After coming in touch of fabianists like George Bernard Shaw and Sydney Webb in India, she decided to work for socialist society. On returning to India, she began to work for disempowered communities. Being mentored by Mahatama Gandhi, Anasuya got involved in the textile mill movement. The movement was result of one of the incidents of women labour returning home after 36-hour shift. This encouraged Anasuya Sarabhai to fight for their betterment.

She also organized strikes for increment in wages. In fact, Gandhi had supported her and she managed to demand for 35% wage hike for Ahmedabad weavers. Labours supported her in the protest and she laid the foundation of Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association. Also known as ‘Motiaben’ i.e. elder sister in Gujarat, she founded this Majadoor Mahajan Sangh on February 25, 1920. She was died in year 1972.

Google’s statement on Anasuya’s Doodle
Google said that today’s doodle was created by Maria Qamar, a Pakistani-Canadian artist. For this doddle, Maraia said, “Anasuya’s dedication to justice and equality is something I can relate to”. She further added, “I am honored to have the opportunity to share Anasuya’s legacy with the world.”



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