Google Doodle celebrates 220th birth anniversary of poet Mirza Ghalib

google doodle

Google Doodle celebrates 220th birth anniversary of poet Mirza Ghalib. It has now become custom that Google pays tribute to all the legends through their Doodle. He was a legendary poet of Urdu and Persian-language poet during the Mughal era. Better known as Mirza Ghalib, his real name was Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. Born on 27 December 1797 at Agra, Mirza Ghalib started writing poems at a young age of 11. He is known worldwide for his inspiring poetry. In fact, his writings and poems have been translated into many languages.

Although he knows Urdu, Persian and Arabic, he has more written poems in Urdu language than Persian. He was married at age of 13 to Umrao Begum.

image credit: ndtv

Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II was honoured with the title of ‘Dabir-ul-Mulk’ and ‘Najm-ud-daulah’ in 1850. Mirza Ghalib was an important member of the Mughal court and the royal historian of the Mughal court.

Mirza Ghalib’s poetry basically talked about struggles and pains of life. He was not much popular earlier but most of the fame came to him posthumously. He died in Delhi on 15 February 1869. His house in Old Delhi has been turned into “Ghalib Memorial”.



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