Google to Expand Hyderabad Campus and Boost Recruitment in India

google ceo india

On Tuesday 15 December Google summed up that it was dedicated to help India come online and publicized a number of measures that it said would help Indian web users in using internet more effectively and effortlessly. From the same dais, it also announced that the company is going to invest on expansion of its Hyderabad campus.

Some of the lined up initiatives for India to be launched by early next year includes real time cricket scores and videos, new campus in Hyderabad and an aggressive ramping up of recruitment in India, as announced by Sunder Pichai at a Google event Delhi on Wednesday 16th December.

Sundar Pichai while addressing at the Google event said “A lot of what today is about is how we build products for the next billion Indian users yet to come online.” Adding further to his keynote he said “Google wants to connect over a billion people in India to the internet through programs like Project Loon, a network of high-altitude, internet-beaming balloons, that has ruffled regulatory feathers in the country.”

google ceo india

The company has already begun with number of India-specific initiatives, which includes providing free Wi-Fi at 500 railway stations, allowing Indian users to type in 11 languages using their phones and downloadable videos from YouTube to watch them offline.

Now with the visit of Google CEO in India, this tech giant also revealed two new projects to boost its access into rural and semi-urban areas of India.

The first is Project Loon – a network of high-altitude, internet-beaming balloons that will help connect towns and villages with no access to cables or an optic fiber grid – which has already tangled regulatory feathers in India.

The second is a new translation service, Tap to Translate, due early next year that will detect and convert any real-world text instantly when the phone’s camera is pointed at it. The app will translate any text right within any app in real time on the android phone, even offline.

Chennai born Google CEO Sundar Pichai said “When I joined google in 2004, we had only 2 offices in India. Today, we have 4 offices and 1500 people. We are hiring both in Bangalore and Hyderabad.” He further added that “What inspired me to join Google was the fact that Google search worked the same whether you were a Stanford professor or a poor kid in a small Indian city. This country has given me and Google so much that I hope we can give back much more to India in the months and years ahead.”

Marion Croak, Vice-President, Access said “We are working to hopefully bring Project Loon to India in rural communities where there are very few people connected to the internet. We want people who come on to this network to not just take small leaps but soar.”

“The solutions that are born in India are going to revolutionize the way we solve problems around the world, because it’s such a challenging country to work in.” added Marion Croak.



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