Govt withdraws Haj subsidy, says Naqvi

haj subsidy

There is a revolutionary decision taken by government of India regards minority. The subsidy provided to Haj pilgrims will be withdrawn. This decision is taken by government to empower minorities without appeasing them. This fund will be spent on the empowerment of Muslims, said Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

“A constitutional bench of the Supreme Court had, during the Congress regime in 2012, directed that the Haj subsidy be done away with. Hence, in the new policy, as per the recommendations of a committee, we have decided to do away with the Haj subsidy gradually,” said Naqvi.

Haj subsidy
image credit: indiatoday

He further added that this fund would be utilized on education of girls in priority. He also said that this year 1.75 lac Indian pilgrim will go to Haj without subsidy. In 2016, the government had spent Rs 405 crore as subsidy for the Haj pilgrims.



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