GST Filing to get easier and hassle-free like never before. This new GST solution will be all you need

To boost the efficiency of the country in the filing of GST, the government has introduced a new solution to handle GST. This portal will help in catching up with Indians who are new to the filing system of GST.

Soon to become the lifeline of India’s GST filing system, this new portal has been named “GSTmadeeasy”. This solution will be rolled out for use users and filers across India. It aims to provide end to end business solutions for small traders who cannot really afford another employee for the purpose of filing taxes.

Ravi Shankar Rao, Co-Founder and CEO of GSTmadeeasy said, “It is saddening to see the present scenario of the small businesses who are running from pillar to post, mainly because of lack of technology awareness and preparedness on GST, its daunting cost and moreover the clarity on GST rules and regulations to generate and file regular monthly/quarterly returns.”

The GST sales have picked up in the December quarter by a huge margin of 7% over November. This indicates that slowly, but surely people are getting in tune with the new taxation system.

“It is shocking and disheartening to see that all the so-called GST solutions floating in the market are just cloud-based software package / ERP solutions, which mandatorily requires a hardware which could mean a substantive captive investment for a small business, and furthermore, computer software knowledge/awareness to operate upon such ERP Solutions,” Rao added.

Afterall, the foundation of Indian GST lies in boosting small businesses and avoiding practices like tax evasion, etc. GST is also essentially aimed at removing the habit of cascading of taxes.

Because GST is the consumption-based tax, the tax is imposed on goods only once. This helps in reducing extra tax impositions due to the tax on tax mechanism.



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