Gujarat Assembly Elections Exit Polls predict clear Victory for BJP

After the end of the second phase of Assembly elections in Gujarat, the exit polls have suggested that BJP is going to have an upper hand over Congress. Out of 8 polls, 7 have already predicted that BJP will secure more than 100 seats out of 182 seats in the Gujarat Assembly. Although Congress has not been able to secure majority number of seats in the polls, the party has definitely improved as compared to its past records.

Times Now and Republic TV have predicted 113 and 115 seats for BJP respectively, while the polls by Today’s Chanakya predict 135 seats in BJP’s favor with 47 seats going to Congress. Moving on, India Today predicted 99-113 seats by BJP while Congress is likely to be limited to 68-82 seats. Besides, the polls predicted by ABP suggest 64 seats for Congress while NewsNation’s figures have calculated 70 seats in favor of the party.

Here is the complete list of exit polls provided by FirstPost predicting results for both the parties:

Gujarat Exit Polls

Source: FirstPost

The Gujarat Elections have created a lot of stir among the public right from the rallies and speeches to the final voting day when PM Modi reached Gujarat to cast his vote. Amid all the allegations, remarks, mockery, and political drama, the electoral battle has been quite a roller coaster.

It’s important to note that these elections are crucial for both Congress and BJP. On one hand, BJP has been undefeatable in the state and on the other hand, Congress is in a phase in which it has to restore and reconstruct its image and build faith in the public. Especially after Sonia Gandhi talking about retirement and Rahul Gandhi becoming the Congress President, the party is definitely making efforts to pull out the best out if it.

As far as polls are concerned, it’s quite difficult to predict the count of seats with accuracy but the popularity of the parties and interviews conducted by media houses often give away a clear picture of the scenario.

Given the strong position of BJP in the state, the exit polls are not surprising. Nevertheless, the BJP vs Congress battle has always been interesting and hopefully, it will continue to be for those who are enthusiastically waiting for the results.



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