Happy Birthday Kapil Dev: Interesting Facts about the Legendary Cricketer

Kapil Dev Birthday

Kapil Dev, one of the most iconic and successful Indian cricket captains, celebrates his birthday on January 6. Undeniably, his contribution to cricket will always remain unparalleled. Not only he made several records throughout his career but his captaincy also gave us our first World Cup Trophy in 1983.

Today when we talk about cricket, Kapil Dev is the first name to pop into our heads. Touted as an ideal by many cricketers, Kapil Paji has also guided fresh talent in the cricket field. He even coached the Indian team during 1999-2000 when the team was facing a harsh time.

To commemorate the 59th birthday of India’s all-rounder Kapil Dev, here are some lesser-known facts about the cricketer:

• Kapil Dev was quite famous as a fantastic bowler in domestic cricket. In his debut match, he bowled out Punjab for 63 runs by clinching 6 wickets.

• He made a remarkable achievement in his debut first-class season in the year 1975-76 by taking 121 wickets in 30 matches.

• In his career, the player has also played for English Country Clubs namely Worcestershire and Northampton shire during 1983-84 and 1981-83 respectively.

• He had also played for the Haryana Team and earned the name ‘Haryana Hurricane’ because he could bowl at the speed of 140 km/hr at the time when India was devoid of any fast bowlers in the team.

• Throughout his entire test career of 184 innings, the man had never been run out. This is an achievement which no one else has made.

• During a series against Pakistan in 1979-80, he became the youngest player to achieve 100 wickets and 1,000 runs.

• Kapil Dev held the record for taking most number of wickets i.e. 434 in his test cricket career for 8 years until the West Indies bowler Courtney Walsh broke it in 2000.

• He was named as the ‘Indian Cricketer of the Century’ by Wisden in the year 2002.

• He joined the Indian Territorial Army as an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in September 2008.



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