Hazrat Ali Birthday 2018: Date, Significance and Celebrations


Hazrat Ali Birthday will be observed from the evening of 29th March until the evening of 30th March, this year. It’s the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali, known as the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. His name was Ali Ibn Abi Talib and was born on the 13th day of Rajjab according to the Islamic Calendar inside the holy walls of Kaba.

Ali is respected by Muslims for his honesty, knowledge, courage, devotion, and loyalty to Muhammad. The Sunni community regards him as the fourth and final of the Rashidun Caliphs while Shia people consider him as the first Imam after the demise of Muhammad.

It’s said that he represented the Sufi sect for 70 years and actively strived to spread the Islamic beliefs and tradition across India. With the help of immense knowledge and influence, many famous personalities became his disciples and further spread the Islamic beliefs in the country.

This occasion is celebrated by the Muslim community as it’s believed that Hazrat Ali was one of the pioneers who revived the Muslim culture. Muslims consider him as the true heir to the holy prophet because of the knowledge he possessed. It’s believed that he strived hard to spread Islamic values that he learned from the prophet.

On this occasion, all the Muslim households are decorated with glittering lights and beautiful flowers. People also offer prayers on this day to seek blessings. One can find all the mosques filled with people commemorating the sacrifice of the legendary soul.



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