Heights of mishap, with twin-train accident

Janata Express and Kamayani Express
Image Source - www.livemint.com

Two trains derailed and lead to a sudden crash, killing more than 27 people, with several injured brutally. Kamayani Express, travelling from Mumbai to Varanasi wrecked off with another train Janata Express arriving from Jabalpur to Mumbai. The accident took place at 30 kms from Harda, MP on Tuesday in the late hours. While it is still unseen the cause for this sudden wreckage, however railway ministry is on the dark shadow. Sonia Gandhi, expresses her grief on this stroke of bad luck and misfortune to the people who were travelling through these trains. Maalikarjun Kharge probes the railway ministry over the severe accident wherein extra measures need to be imbibed in the conditions of flood, rains and winter like conditions. The Chief Minister of MP, Shivraj Chauhan will be making his very presence at the tragedy spot today.

Janata Express and Kamayani Express
Image Source – http://www.livemint.com


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