How Pakistan Media reacted after the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir

Pakistani media reaction on removal of Article 370

After the revoke of article 370, there has been a round of mixed reactions from everywhere. Home minister Amit Shah presented the resolution to scrap Article 370 in Lok Sabha today and said that the central government’s decision to remove Article 370 is not a political move. 

While the decision has created a rejoice among the Indian citizens in all the parts, Pakistani Media gives it a different form to present before the public. 

As per the latest newspapers in Pakistan and the news reports, the amendment has been called the “Darkest hour” for Kashmir. They’ve also hinted at the possible violence for the same. 

Pakistani newspaper, DAWN, Darkest hour for kashmir, pakistani media
Pakistani newspaper “Dawn” calls the decisions a “darkest hour” for Kashmir

The Kashmir issue and Pakistan are very well connected. Since the decision came out yesterday, there was this lurking suspense on how Pakistan would react to it. While it was quite evident that the reaction would not be positive, any threat to national security is highly unacceptable. 

Pakistan’s leading newspaper states that it India “avoid the lawful route of a constitutional amendment”. It also stated that India is just on the way to “forcibly convert occupied Kashmir into a Union Territory in violation of all its commitment, including those made at the UN”. 

It was also mentioned in the Dawn that “Meanwhile, a bill in parliament called for separating Ladakh from J&K, but if this amounted to justifying the division of areas on the basis of faith, it was not something that the BJP leaders were likely to lose sleep over, reassured of their own powers of intimidation after their election win earlier this year,” 

Pakistani media also claims that Pakistan has “vowed” towards a revolt against this and it is also the fault of the international organizations that they’ve “watched in silence” when the troops moved into Jammu and Kashmir. 



  1. Those political parties & its leaders as an MP does not support the act of govt which is good for the Nation & its People may not have any moral rights to continue as a member because they are sent by people to do ,to support every act which is good for the Nation first & then People.
    Very recently Congress & some other parties did not support two such good bills passed by govt Viz,Tripple Talaq & second one is Removal of Article 370 &
    35 A.
    People must ask for such an MPs resignation forthwith.


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