How smartphone applications are always at your service

In today’s era where technology has become so advance and modernization is taking over the world every other day, mobile and their applications have brought a huge transformation among us and our societies as well. Nowadays, we see how people are often busy with their cell phones or we think it’s better to refer to as ‘smart phones’.  Seeing all this around us, we cannot deny the fact that these applications have done a great job in saving our time and money. There are many different types of application which have made our world easier and better in some way or the other.

Let us generally look at ways in which Android Applications and their features have been advantageous for us humans.

Features and advantages:

  • Applications in your android mobile allows you to experience internet facilities in a better and faster way through apps like Opera mini, Google chrome, etc.
  • Applications like Paytm and Freecharge provide facility of getting recharge done for phones, dish televisions, train tickets etc. All of this is possible with simple clicks while you sit anywhere and transact through your bank accounts.
  • If your phone is often used by others at your place like your younger brother or sister and there is something in your phone like few files or message which you want keep safe from them, you can easily put a password over it through apps like App lock.
  • How can we forget one of the most widely used and appreciated application for android phones i.e Whatsapp. It is an application which allows you to communicate with friends and family and to all those contact numbers which are there in your phone through messaging. Not only messages it also provides you the facility to exchange files, pictures, videos, audios etc.
  • Not just Whatsapp there are many other similar apps that help in regular conversations with your friends and families like WeChat, BBM, Hike, Line and many others.
  • An application like Office Suit allows you to open and read word documents, power point presentation files, Pdf files, etc.
  • There are many applications like BookMyShow that allow you to book tickets for movies at theaters.
  • Not only entertainment but applications like TOI, The Hindu, etc also allow you to read daily news related to all the sectors like national, international, sports, entertainment or business etc.
  • You can also download applications like Battery Savers to save battery of your smart phone because your constant running and usage would obviously consume good amount of battery.
    Battery Savers
  • All social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, have their app versions to get a wider public range.

So, if somehow by now you were unaware about these many applications your smartphone can work with then hope we have woken you up. It is only through these various applications that your ‘Smartphone’ is a smart phone. So go and download the apps you require and enjoy an easy experience and do not vilify your expensive phone for nothing.



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