How to become the most likeable person?

how to be the most famous person ever

If you cringe on the fact that you are nowhere an important element in your friend’s group, official meetings and even in your family, things could be a real wrong with you. Well, as they say that your presence does all the magic, is your presence doing the same or dragging you on the shores of loneliness? It is a psychological fact that you may face  a reality where you find yourself not likeable among all. It could be you are lacking in creating the enigmatic effect or are not able to mark your very existence.

Are you those shady people among the masses who are queued up in the crowd of denizens, if you are not then come out of the psychological perspective you are assuming. You can become most likeable only by coming out from your shady persona. Let’s see how:

1. While in a conversation, do laugh on your own cracked jokes:

how to be the most likeable person

If you are sensitive you will laugh and cry. Do not resist yourself from speaking out and cracking jokes along friends. While you crack a joke, make sure to laugh at your joke, as it brings up your confidence and makes other people also laugh at your jokes. Try bonding well  with your mates.

2. Cheer up any conversation:

how to be the most popular person

While you are in middle of a conversation with your friends or colleagues make sure you do not plunge in for a mundane conversation. Make it all cheered up by cracking a wicked joke or put some element of joviality in the middle of the conversation. It is a great way to let people like you and your humor.

3. Listen to others


If you listen to your friend and family while they are discussing something or putting their views, try not interrupting in the middle. While one carries a discussion, it screws the other person’s head if you interrupt and you are only land up with an irked personality. So, listen and then forecast your thoughts.

4. Do not miss your smile:

how to be the most famous person ever

A smiling personality is pleasant and enchants everyone around. As you have heard the more you smile, it increases your health and wealth. So elevate the vibes while you are around people as this is one most important asset to carry on. So wear your smile, you are likeable as you outshine your smile.

5. Your first date, make it exciting:

Your first date, make it exciting

If you want to draw your likeability at the first place on the very first date, try inducing some exciting element rather making it that boring. It is special for you and the other person who agrees to date with you. Here are the high points for you, to make you a likeable human being.

6. Do not flatter others:

Do not flatter others

Flattering someone for no reason can really annoy the other person. There is always a right way and time to compliment someone. If you compliment even if it holds no truth, you might hitting your head on the sharp rod.

7. Don’t act fake:

Don’t act fake-aap

There are people who boast a lot and blow their trumpet. These types of people ruffle others around as dude; no one is interested in your business. A good time is all what all need and if you displease others by faking it around, then seriously you earn negative points.

8. Greet people with enthusiasm:

Greet people with enthusiasm

It is always necessary that when you meet people you mark the first impression quite intense. What about greeting them with warmth, so that they will get pleased to like your company. Carry your enthusiasm so that the person will get elevated with your kindnesses and warmth.



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