Hundreds of Indian students are a part of US visa fraud case

10 Indians arrested in US visa sting

More than 10 Indian students have recently been arrested under the case of visa fraud. This is just the latest addition in this section of fraud cases when it comes to visa and its documentation for United States. The culprit has been taken into police custody for bearing false witnesses and fake statements. The students caught up in the visa fraud case supposedly contacted a fake university in New Jersey which were to give certificates for students lawfully studying and functioning in the US. This particular fake university of New Jersey was in some way initiated by some agents of Homeland Security Investigations (a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration) to easily catch the visa fraud accused. The culprits, however, were unaware of the fact that the university they called was under investigation by federal agents of homeland Security which is working under a sting operation. It was later known that the university could issue I-20s certificate that “operated solely as a storefront location with small offices staffed by federal agents posing as school administrators.”

For the same reasons, one sentence of 5 years and 10 years of imprisonment in H-1B visa fraud for unlawfully entering the US has also been issued against these culprits.

Because of this latest case, the US government is deciding to deport 100s of Indian students as punishment.

According to the official sources, “the Indian Embassy is in constant contact with the US government for seeking fair decision for around 370 Indian students. The embassy has also appealed the US officials not to arrest and deport the Indian students.”    Also an official from Indian Embassy said, “This has been done before in the case of Tri-Valley (a fake California university busted by authorities in 2011 for running a pay-to-stay student visa racket).”

As per now the Indian embassy is waiting for a reply from consular access for the detained students holding a valid Indian passport.



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