India beats the most powerful countries in the World in these 5 things


We all are very fond of our country and feel proud to be a part of such a bio-diversified country. We are glad to be born here and are appreciative for it as it is a diversified country with so many religions live with harmony and mutual cooperation. It is a land of billion plus population and its people setting a benchmark for the whole world. But, not many of us are aware of the real accomplishments of India. With these actual achievements, India stands far above many developed nations. They surely will make you go “GAGA” over your country and from the next time, you could proudly show off being and Indian:-

  1. Nuclear Program using “Thorium”: Uranium is used as a nuclear fuel, which is not easily available in abundance. The whole world was struggling to find its replacement. And the brilliant scientists of India have found its replacement in the form of “Thorium” and shook the world. Also, this chemical is available in abundance in India.
  2. Superb High Altitude Mountain Warfare: The Indian boundaries are always on high alert because of its neighbors like China and Pakistan. But in this field also, the Indian Army has made its mark. To save the boundaries with the nuclear-armed archrivals, our soldiers are trained with the best mountain warfare training. It is known as the best High altitude mountain warfare in the entire world. The High Altitude Warfare School in Gulmarg, Kashmir is very famous and renowned in the process that the US, Germany and British army’s visit there often to get the training. This training is used to showcase the stupendous gallantry over the Siachen Glacier.
  3. Undeniable Remote Sensing Capabilities: It is not very old that the Indians were dependent on America for the satellite data and because of this, almost 20,000 people died in the 1999 Odisha Cyclone. In these 16 years, India has come a long way and now the situation is that India’s Remote Sensing Capabilities are far ahead of that of US. Today, we have different satellites backing various applications including groundwater prospect mapping, crop acreage and production estimation, potential fishing zone forecasting based on chlorophyll and sea surface temperature, biodiversity characterization, detailed impact assessment of watershed development projects, generation of natural resources data/information, etc.
  4. Mission to Mars: the entire world now knows of the India’s Mars Mission, and it hardly needs an introduction. You will be fascinated to know that India is the first Asian nation to reach Mars and world’s fourth country to achieve this but the first one to accomplish this in the most cost-efficient way. At the low budget of Rs. 450 crores, it’s the least expensive Mars orbital mission ever commissioned.
  5. Yoga and Ayurveda: There is no second thought that India has gifted this world the most efficient way of staying fit and healthy. Yoga has surely become the rage all across the Globe. It provides you with such physical and eternal benefits that are each day confirmed by the modern medical science.


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