India surpasses China In Direct Investment By US

India -overtakes -China - direct- investment -by- US

In spite of degrading issues like unemployment, inflation and red tapism, India has successfully managed to run over China in terms of direct equity investment specifically by US investors. It surely is a great deal because if you look at India’s condition in 2015 which dealt in major slowdowns and suffering overexposure, his news has great deal of importance.

Direct investment in India by US investors rose successfully to $12 billion in the month of December last year from previous record of $7 billion in September month of 2013. Whereas, share of China has slumped from $12.8 billion to $11.1 billion, during the same time as duly reported.  This officially makes India the only South Asian nation to position above China.

India overtakes China in direct investment by US2

The standard US investor’s equity allocation to promising markets has dropped to 12% from a peak rate of 18% in 2009, as some reported from the side of Kotak Institutional Equities, a division of Kotak Securities.

Meanwhile, after registering constant annual escalation for just about a quarter century, and despite tough efforts for foreign investment by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the US-India trades have abated in 2015 from last year. Both the countries have been trading and dealing in goods and services worth $66.271 billion in 2015, which is about $581 million lesser than the trade capacity in 2014.



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