Indian Army, Air Force to carry out joint war games in Arunachal Pradesh along China border in October

Indian Airforce
Indian Army and Air Force to carry out joint war games Arunachal Pradesh.

This October in Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Army and Indian Air Force will hold joint war games along China’s border.

Trucks movement has already begun and over 5.000 highly skilled soldiers will be engaged in warfare with more than 50 transport aircraft and helicopters.

Under the military exercise, the military will be lifted from a faraway place and deployed close to an area where the Eastern adversary China would be simulated in a major war.

The soldiers will be part of the 17 Mountain Strike Corps and the Tezpur 4 Corps, to which the 17 Mountain Strike Corps will be assigned.

The seventeen strike corps is the only group ready to attack enemy positions at China’s borders. There are three strike bodies in the Pakistan front.

The soldiers of the 17 strike forces were flown from Baghdogra and deployed as part of the huge war games in the Arunachal Pradesh. This is the first and largest war game ever by the Eastern Strike Corps.

“As part of the war games, the troops of the Tezpur-based 4 Corps will be deployed at a high altitude location to defend their ‘territory’ while a brigade-sized force (over 2,500 troops) of the 17 Mountain Strike Corps would be airlifted by the Indian Air Force to ‘launch an offensive’ against them,” sources told.

Indian Air Force will lift their soldiers from the Baghdogra military in West Bengal, deploying them close to the Arunachal Pradesh War Zone, by their newest transport aircraft including the C-17, the C-230J Super Hercules and the AN-32.



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