Indian Army Reloaded – Edition 2015!

Indian Army Trailer 2015

The Indian Army originated from the Armies of the East India Company, was known as the British Indian Army and subsequently came to be known as the Indian Army. The land based branch and largest component of the Indian Armed Forces employs 80% of the nation’s security personnel and has as a long and illustrious history. Indian Army has a regimental system, and is operationally and geographically divided into seven commands, with the basic field formation being a division.

The men employed by the Indian Army responsible serve the nation and are responsible guardians of India’s security. The Indian Army has been appreciated for its volunteer work with the UN and most importantly in the role the Army personnel plays in times of natural calamities and situations which pose as a national threat. The Indian Army is the fourth mightiest Army in the world, after USA, Russia and China, with 1,325,000 active troops. Here is a trailer by the Indian Army, showcasing the iron clad will of our Army men, analyzing their grit and determination, and reassuring the average Indian that they are safe.

We salute them!



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