Indian Government launches its own OS


Taking forward the mission “Make in India”, Indian Government is all set to launch an improved version of the Operating system called Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS). The launch of this Indian OS has the big possibility to replace Microsoft Windows Operating System and all other OSes in its further usage. It is a step to trigger this boom in a way that reflects Indian origin to be the trademark.

The work on this OS is in full-fledged force from past three months and will soon be unveiled to all. The project will be discussed in an internal meeting in the union home ministry this week.


BOSS goes to a big credit list to Defence and Research Development Organization  (DRDO), Gujarat Technical University and some other private companies where the small glitches and all the bugs were fixed out to maintain the standard as marked by Microsoft. BOSS was initially developed by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) of India. The last version of this OS was launched in 2013 and to meet the requirements it had undergone several changes.

Boss has been developed on promising grounds which may help in terms of security aspect where severe attack by hackers can be resisted. It has been reported that BOSS may come up with neat features like – OS comes with a virtual keyboard on the display screen and a bulk file converter which ensures safe and speedy transfer of data. This Indian operating system will be able to support 18 different languages including regional languages like Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

As reported by the sourcesGovernment needs to have a fully secure network. Fresh codes unique to the system have been written for the OS. Its the source code that makes it safe and secure which will have to be guarded at all cost”.



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