Indian Railway Cloak Rooms and Lockers to get Costlier for Passengers


Railway passengers availing the service of cloak rooms and lockers will now be required to spend more amount for such services. In the latest report, the railway board has empowered the Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs) to increase the usage fees for services provided at the stations.

The railway is currently charging INR 20 for locker service for 24 hours and INR 30 for every additional 24 hours. Earlier this charge was INR 15. Similarly, for cloak room service, the charges are INR 15 for 24 hours and INR 20 for every additional 24 hours. Previously in 2000, the railway cloak room charges were INR 7 while for additional 24 hours it was INR 10. The last revision in the rates was done in the year 2013.

Soon, the board is going to launch a bidding system and a computerized inventory to modernize the service and the fee will be raised annually. Once the policy is out, the base price for a unit of luggage to be kept in the lockers and cloak rooms will be decided through the bidding system.

These services are widely used, specifically by backpackers and passengers who are on a short trip. The passenger can deposit the luggage which is duly locked and a receipt is given. This duly signed receipt has to be produced at the time of delivery of luggage. Most of the stations allow the service of storing luggage for up to a month.

With the new system, the DRMs will have the full authority to raise the tariffs of railway cloak rooms and lockers, suiting their conditions. Currently, the board is planning a trial run in A1 and Class A stations where space will be provided for a license fee to the successful bidder to run the service.



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