Indians write #MyNameInUrdu, Pakistanis respond with #MyNameInHindi

The internet is an entire world in itself. This world can be cruel sometimes but the gentle side of it is worth celebrating. We can find information on just about anything, stay in touch with our friends and family, earn money, shop stuff and even spend hours watching #cuteanimals videos. Every once in a while, it turns into a medium for social change, and that is the most beautiful feature of the virtual world.

This week the netizens found contended by the new trend in India and Pakistan as well. #MyNameInUrdu and #MyNameInHindi were the two keywords which brought both neighbors to stand by each other’s side.

A twitter user Prabha Raj recently enamored by Urdu script’s beauty and decided to make use of it in the Twitter handle name. She received a lot of negative comments on her name. But what she hadn’t expected was to start an entire moment against hate.

This is how Prabha Raj punched in her haters’ faces-

Prabha receives the unexpected-


Prabha had no idea that her innocuous act would start a moment. She mentioned #MyNameInUrdu and neighbours reciprocated with #MyNameInHindi.

We must go through this pleasant moment and feel the peace in the air.



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