INS Viraat: The Aircraft Carrier With The Longest Service Time Is Retiring Today

INS Viraat Aircraft Carrier

Today is the day of decommission of INS Viraat Aircraft Carrier, which is Indian Navy’s former flagship. The authorities have decided that, if they do not get any extensive deal for the ship within 4 months, they will defragment it and sell for scrap as told by Navy Chief Sunil Lanba.

The Andhra Pradesh government had manifested their will to transform the old ship into museum. As this conversion may cost more than Rs. 1,000 crore, they are quite dubious on this matter. The ship will most likely move towards Alang in Gujarat for scrapping process.

The Navy Chief also said that the ship may be considered for projecting it as a big tourist attraction catering to the enthusiasm of divers.

INS Viraat has the long history of service in Indian Navy and Royal Navy. Where the sailing beauty has spent 30 years in Navy and 27 years of service in Royal Navy.

INS Viraat appeared as a major player in Sri Lankan peace operation and operation Parakram after the parliament attack in the year 2001.

At the decommission event of this ship at solemn ceremony in Mumbai, 21 out of 22 previous commanders will be present.

During the operations, temperatures hiked to 60 degrees in the heart of older steam ship. The part of this ship was made at the time of second world war and is still unchanged, even when decades passed.

The proposal of turning this ship into a museum was quite considered by the authorities but the huge cost involved in it is delaying the decision. Prior to this, INS Vikrant was used by Bajaj to make Bajaj V. With its long time service in Indian navy, INS Viraat is capturing plethora of attention towards it. It has been in the longest service of 55 years for the Indian navy.



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