Instagram Introduces New Question Feature and the Netizens are not impressed!

instagram new feature

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature that enables users to ask random questions and get real-time responses. It’s displayed in the form of the story whereby a column box appears where anyone can type the question and then the other will give replies if he/she likes the question.

A few months ago, an app named Sarahaha garnered a lot of question owing to its anonymity whereby people asked each other questions or posted comments/opinions without having to reveal their identity. It was like a fad that became an instant hit among the users.

Taking a cue from the same, the Instagram introduced a feature enabling users to ask questions, however, here the identity is not kept hidden. The user will know who has asked the question but if he chooses to display the question, the username will not be known to the public.

While many users started taking advantage of the feature right away, many are not amused by the same and think that it’s another unwanted element that they don’t want on the platform. It’s important to note that Insta is a platform for sharing photographs and logically it’s quite difficult to apprehend as to why the users are being offered this feature which seems to be totally unrelated to the platform of Instagram.

However, Insta has an explanation for the feature. It says that it’s a way of starting a conversation when you don’t have a photo or video to share! So, if a user doesn’t have any content, the platform wants to make sure that he/she still has something to keep others glued to the profile.

Here are some of the reactions and responses of people about the question feature on Insta:



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