Here are interesting facts about top 5 Indian athletes, as every sportsperson is more than just a sportsperson

facts about Indian Atheletes

For a diverse country like India it is not at all surprising how every second home might be breeding a fine athlete and a sportsperson. But on an understanding level, it then depends on the environment and its support and whether the naïve sportsmanship fire in that candidate will be given the platform it requires. Because Casey Stangel rightly said that, “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play is another story.” Fortunately, our country has seen, found and supported some marvelous sports gems in all these years. We can see how country’s assortedness brilliantly gets reflected in various sport categories our Indian athletes have made us so proud in.

Now we know there are numerous Indian athletes who have fought their ways to become good sportspersons. But have ever wondered about their personal lives and how they end up becoming a Sachin Tendulkar or a Saina Nehwal. Don’t you have slightest of curiosity to know something about these brilliant sport stars which might me unknown to the world. You would think that for top Indian athletes, their lives must have always been into sports or things related to sports. But surprisingly this is not the case. Every top Indian athlete has some non-sports shades for which they are famous for.

To make you know more about your favorite Indian sportspersons, we have selected top 5 Indian athletes and will share with some interesting facts about each one of them.

  1. SACHIN TENDULKAR – Master blaster and the God of Cricket is the face of Indian cricket but not everyone knows that:

sachin tendulkar facts

  • His father named him after the legendary music director S D Burman (Sachin Dev Burman).
  • He has had a habit of walking as well as talking in his sleep.
  1. MARY KOM – 5 times gold winner in World Boxing Championship is a complete role model for many and it will be interesting to know that:

MARY KOM facts

  • She is a high school dropout but completed her studies soon when got time out from her tournaments.
  • She didn’t leave her love for boxing even after becoming a mother of two children.
  1. VISHWANATHAN ANAND – Being a champion in a game which belittles most of us so easily, Anand is both inspiring and interesting because:


  • He won prestigious Padma Shri when he was just 18 years old.
  • He doesn’t count himself in his list of top 10 world chess players.
  1. ABHINAV BINDRA – The very handsome and talented Abhinav Bindra ushers some great positive vibes wherever he goes. Other than his excellent skills in shooting, you should know that:


  • He is a businessman, in fact a CEO of his own Abhinav Futuristic which branded pistols in the country.
  • He is the youngest recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, which the highest sports honor. He was 18 when he received it.
  1. SAINA NEHWAL – The badminton queen who is inspiration for players like PV Sindhu, has different interests like:


  • She has a black belt in Karate.
  • She treats herself with her favorite ice-cream after winning any tournament.


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