International Music Videos Shot in India


India being land of climates has always remained in list of Hollywood movies like Octopussy shot 1983 or be a Mission Impossible – 6. Apart from being a favorite location for planning a shoot, the Indian sub-continent is also a preferred destination for shooting International music videos as well. From Iggy Azlea to the great Beatles, number of international artists and bands has filmed hit numbers in the country.

Here are some the videos which were shot in various parts of India:

Iggy Azlea – Bounce

The British Pop sensation Iggy Azlea shot in streets of Mumbai, while those dancing in the backdrops were the Bollywood dancers. The video is as Indian as it gets, for a hip hop song.

Mumford and Sons – The Cave

A popular British Band reached Goa for shooting their refreshing, simple yet soothing video. The video was features the Band driving on Scooters, it has also been featured on Vh1’s top 40 music videos in 2011.

Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat MØ – Lean On

American EDM group Major Lazer and French producer DJ Snake has recorded the song ‘Lean On’ was shot in ND Studios at Karjat and Kaul Heritage City in Vasai district of Maharashtra.

M.I.A – Matahdatah Scroll 01 Border Than a Border


The English artist of Sri Lankan origin had a most diverse approach to pop music. The video shows small footages of both West Africa and India and composed of men and women dancing in different forms, interspersed with footage of M.I.A performing. Unfortunately the video does not have any Youtube version.

Highlight Tribe – Shankara

A French group inventing their own genre of trance music, termed as live natural trance. It has strong Indian influence and their love for Goa. They have featured compilation of clips along with the performance and highlight of various places of Goa.

Imogen Heap feat Vishal/Shekhar – Mind Without Fear

Imogen being a famous English singer/songwriter collaborates with Indian musicians Vishal and Shekhar. In this album ‘The Dewarists’ explored the theme of music that occurs when musicians collaborates. The video ‘Minds Without Fear’ was shot in heritage city of Jaipur.



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