IRCTC website modifies; Upgraded with Beta version


Indian railways website has undergone transformation several times to facilitate the passengers with better facilities. Indian Railways dating back to colonial times is turning slick and efficient. The latest version of the IRCTC website has come as a surprise for the travelers. With the launch of beta version of its new user interface, it has become more user-friendly. This change in IRCTC website has been made as e-ticketing constitutes about two-third of total reserved tickets says Indian Railways. Know more about the latest changes which will appear on the official website.

With the updated version, the users can now enquire or search trains and check the availability of seats without even login. This will save the time of the users.

Now, the users can get all the information like the train number, train name, originating and destination station and distances between them, arrival and departure time and journey time at single screen view.

The website will help the passengers to keep the record of all the transactions made on IRCTC with ‘My Transactions’. Here, users can view their booked tickets based on Journey Date, Booking Date, Upcoming Journey and completed journey.

Now, the users can change font size throughout the website for comfortable viewing experience. This is also an amazing change made on the website.

The facility for seamless navigation in mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets has been provided in this version.

To enable easy and better planning, the website will feature categorization facility. In this, the passengers will get class-wise, train-wise, destination-wise, departure/arrival time wise and quota-wise filters. This will make the passengers to plan their journeys in a more concrete way.

There is a new ‘Waitlist prediction’ feature introduced this time. This can be called one of the best features as users can get the probability of a Waitlisted or RAC ticket getting confirmed.

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