ISRO To Take A Step Further With Putting Humans In Space

ISRO New Future Projects

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has some certain big plans for the tech future. Like they are planning for the two space vehicles to enter into the orbit. They are also planning to allow material exchange among them. The department has been provided a grant of Rs. 10 crore for this. The technical terms, describe this as docking and berthing of spacecrafts. In simple terms, it will let humans to get transferred into the space. Generally, their foremost goal is fuelling of the spacecraft for a longer and better life.

T K Anuradha, who is the senior scientist have explained that the testing were under procedure at ISRO center, Bengaluru. Some of the baseline simulations are already completed. An another senior scientist said, “The plan is to launch two small spacecraft to test the technology in space. India operates a huge constellation of satellites and this technology will allow Isro to enhance their lives by refuelling them. It’ll also reduce space debris.”

The scientist also mentioned, “In most cases, the payloads on our satellites are still functioning when the satellite is decommissioned because it has expended its fuel. In future, we could enhance the life of satellites multiple times.”

Being a developing nation, India has time to become a permanent part of the International Space Station. On the other hand, it does not have any prompt plans to be a part of the human space program. Undoubtedly, they are aiming high and one prompt goal is to set a commute system for humans between the space and the earth. U R Rao, who is former chairman of the ISRO advisory committee mentioned, “It (the technology) could be used to transport people to space stations — bring back old people and put in newer ones — or even send people in to replace equipment on spacecraft and so on.”



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