Another Milestone by India in Space, launched 8 Satellites into 2 Orbits

isro satellite

India has been growing in the Modi Government and Indian researches and achievements are being valued by the entire world. On Monday, India set yet another benchmark in the history of Indian space researches and science by successfully launching multiple satellites from one rocket into two different orbits. It is a great achievement by a growing country like India. The total number of launched satellites is 8.

Monday’s mission was the longest for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-35) that lifted off from Sriharikota at 9.12am carrying eight satellites — three from India, including the weather satellite SCATSAT-1, three from Algeria, and one each from Canada and the US.
Our 371 kg weather forecasting satellite would study oceans and help in detecting weather conditions including detection of Cyclones. It was launched within 17 minutes of takeoff.

The official statement of Indian Space Research organization (ISRO) said, “SCATSAT-1 has been successfully injected into orbit.” The remaining 7v satellites were launched into orbit around 2 hours later.

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The event was also applauded by prime Minister Narendra Modi and thus, he congratulated ISRO with his tweets:

Out of three Indian satellites, two were made by students:

isro missile

• The first one, Pratham was made by the students from IIT Mumbai to study the electron count in space. It would improve the accuracy of Global Positioning System in India and could also predict Tsunamis. It weights 10 kg.

• However, the second one, PISAT, weighing 5.25 kg was invented by students from Bengaluru’s PES University, which would take Earth’s pictures.

This PSLV have till date launched 39 remote-sensing satellites for ISRO, including the benchmark Mars mission in 2013-14.

The market of space launchers is getting crowded with every country having their own launch vehicles but India is making a distinct image on this platform. We are building a reputation of frugal space missions, India has been successful in positioning itself as a cost-effective satellite launch missions destination. Research work is important but if it is cost-effective, it can have an edge over others. In the month of May, India has successfully tested its first reusable satellite launch vehicle that is being seen as the unanimous solution towards achieving low-cost, reliable and on-demand space access.



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