Jaipur: Smart City Expo India concludes with sustainable and smart solutions for the World. Here’s a quick update

The three-day Smart City Expo India concluded at Jaipur on Friday, giving us multiple reasons to believe the fact that Jaipur is an iconic smart city in today’s time. The expo was grand and there were a host of important decision makers who flocked to the expo. The plan of development for smart cities was laid out. Not only was the plan India-bound but global.

DB Gupta, chief secretary of Rajasthan said: “The suggestions received during discussions at the expo will be compiled in a report and those found viable will be adopted at the smart cities in Rajasthan.”

The international expo was hosted by Jaipur Development Authority in partnership with Fira Barcelona and Quantela. At the expo, who were seen were nearly 20 countries, deliberations, and discussions. The fulcrum of the expo was constructive suggestions, which could lead to an easier road for converting this global world into a smart world.

Vaibhav Galriya, Jaipur development commissioner said: “The expo proved to be an excellent networking platform for visitors and delegates. We need to develop compact spaces which will serve as a lighthouse for other cities.”

The expo was huge in ways more than one. There were as many as 2600 delegates. Not only this, there were over a 100 exhibitors and 69 startup participation. At the expo, there was an effective showcase of the available smart solutions, which could be implemented across the world. These solutions were also driven by an aim to strike sustainability. To make it more practical, the solutions were presented proof of concept (POC) through a live demonstration to the audiences which consisted of influencers and change makers.

Sridhar Gandhi, CEO of Quantela gave us an insight into what happened at the event. He said: “This is for the first time that Smart City Expo introduced the ‘POC’ and 31 successful POC were carried out during the event.”



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