Jessica Lall Killer Manu Sharma’s Release from Jail Put on Hold

Jessica Lall

Jessica Lall’s killer Manu Sharma may not be released from jail soon as the Delhi government put off the meeting of the board that was going to review the sentence. Reportedly, Delhi Home Minister Satyendra Jain asked for justification of the review board meeting that was scheduled to take a decision on the punishment of 90 convicts in the Jessica Lall murder case, including Manu Sharma.

Usually, convicts get to be heard in a review meeting after they have served around 20 years in jail but in this case, Manu has only served 14 years while others have served 15 years. Apparently, the Tihar Jail authorities are trying to push the case of Manu Sharma, who also happens to be the son of a Congress Politician.

The 41-year old culprit was sentenced to life in jail after he shot Jessica at a party after she refused him to give him a drink. The incident took place on April 30, 1999. As it was a high profile party and the shot was fired in front of everyone, there were a lot of eyewitnesses who saw everything.

Manu has been in an open jail for the last three months where he is allowed to leave for work at 8 am and then returns at 6 pm. He works with a non-profit organization for the rehabilitation of prisoners. Only 5 prisoners in a year are allowed to avail this facility for “good conduct”.

Meanwhile, Jessica Lall’s Sister Sabrina has forgiven the murderer and has no intention to object his freedom. For her, the conviction of the killer was itself enough and she says now she is at peace. She was also asked by the Tihar Jail officials to give feedback on Manu’s release and she obliged. However, the letter cannot be a feasible factor for the decision and the government has questioned the authorities as to why they are pushing the case prior to the given sentence.



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