‘Kaagaz’ Bridging gaps between Rich and Under-Privileged

Kaagaz group-making use of waste paper

India being a kaleidoscope of tradition and diversity is a land where one can find every type of culture and best of its blends. India which is also known as land of Vedas; which has helped country in making a different image to rest of the world. But it is well known that everything has a good side and a bad side.

On the dark side of this land of Vedas, it is hard to believe that in present scenario the country is among the leading waste producer of the world. The waste produced around the year can be divided into 2 major categories, namely liquid wastes – comprising sewerage water, industrial waste and chemical wastes. Secondly it has solid waste – containing plastic wastes and paper wastes.

Now, there are various efforts by government on reducing these wastes by developing expensive projects. On the other hand is “Kaagaz” – a group of 12 enthusiastic teenagers who are putting their efforts to make money from the paper, but not for personal use, rather will be using that money for fulfilling needs of underprivileged kids.

How do they Work?

The young boys and girls who have started this initiative have a very simple road map, in which they have installed boxes in schools and offices across Jaipur city. These boxes will be used by the workers and students to dispose paper wastes on daily basis. The boxes filled with paper waste would be collected by the members in a weekly schedule.

Now what?

The waste paper collected from various schools and offices would be sold to paper re-cycling companies to render cash. The money so collected will be used for buying stationery, clothes and other basic things for kids with weaker financial background.


Who are they?

The most amazing fact about this group is age of the members. All 12 members or founder of this group are students and are busy taking education in schools. However, they are well aware for their social responsibility. They are putting all their efforts in giving helping hands towards lower income group of society.

What is unique in their effort?

The young social workers are requesting everyone to donate direct cash or any other valuables, but yes they are emphasizing on how one can help others, just by doing simple things like collecting paper waste separately, so that it can be used for the needy. This will not only give a spark to waste management in the country but will also help in empowerment of society.


How you can pay your part?

The concept is undoubtedly noble and favorable for society, so to become a part of this wonderful initiative, all you need to do is to collect paper waste separately in your houses or offices and make a call to this group. One of the members will manage to pick that parcel from your place and dispose accordingly.

For further queries you can also connect with the members through facebook page:



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