Karnataka Bus Accident: Fire consumed a bus killing 3 passengers


There are no small accidents. All accidents, which befall life cost much more than just the life itself. Like today only, in the state of Karnataka, an unfortunate bus accident took place. The news got spread all over the media like the way that fire consumed this bus.

Being a private passenger bus, it had a usual route to take on between two destinations, Dharwad and Bengaluru. It was around 5:00 – 5:30 in the morning that the bus fell prey to a raging fire when it had just reached Varur, an area new Hubli in Karnataka. The fire was so fierce that it burnt 3 people to death. The others who are severely injured are 9 in number, as of now. Looking at the condition of the bus and all relevant reports, it seems that the fire started from the back side and then took over the entire bus.

SP from Hubli, Mr Dharmendra Kumar Meena reached the accident spot as soon as it was reported. Proper investigation done by his team state’s that at the time of the accident, the bus had 15 passengers onboard. Out of them, there were 3 crew members – one cleaner and two drivers. The main driver is the one who received most injuries among other crew members. But sadly, the fire was so bad that all three dead bodies are still un-identified.

Image Source: thenewsminute.com

Casualties along with some injured passengers were immediately taken to the nearby KIMS Hospital in Hubli. There are three who were seriously injured so their conditions are being monitored by medical professionals in KLE Hospital in Belagavi.

Police investigations under SP Meena’s control also found out some evidences related to some suspicious substance being present in the bus during the accident. Regarding this update, Meena told the reporters that, “We cannot say whether it was flammable or not. We have sent it to the FSL.” Well there is surely one serious cause behind this outrageous fire, but only time and FSL report will tell us what it was.

Being a private bus, it was a standard non-AC bus and belonged to Durgamba Motors, a transport company.

These are all updates which have been reported till now. We’ll update when anything new comes up, accordingly.



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