KBC Season 10: Binita Jain becomes the first contestant of the season to win Rs 1 crore

The KBC Season 10 recently had a brilliant contestant named Binita Jain who won Rs 1 crore. She is the first contestant to have won this amount in this season.

The lady who had an ultra beautiful smile on her face, despite the hardships took everyone back. Amitabh Bachchan, in fact said that she resonated with the motto of ‘Kab Tak Rokoge’. She had lost her husband in a kidnapping activity, after which she decided to start studying.

She has two children – Kavya and Rohit. The two are working and studying at the same time. Her children revealed that their mother had sent them outside for studying, while she too was studying back home and earning degrees. How cool is that?

When she was posed with the Rs 50 lakh question, Binita Ji called her son and consulted him. He was not sure of the answer but still, they attempted the question and guess what? it was correct and they jumped onto the next question worth Rs 1 crore.

On seeing Rs 1 crore question, Binita was happy and revealed that she knew the answer. That was a big relief for the family. The next question of Rs 7 crores appeared on the screen. She didn’t know the answer so she quit and took Rs 1 crore. When she was asked to guess an answer, she actually chose the correct answer and Amitabh Bachcan was saddened to say that if she had attempted the question, she would have won Rs 7 crores.

What an interesting story right? Its so inspiring and motivational. What’s your motivation today? Share with us in the comments section below.



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