Kejriwal Government En-Route for Tabling Jan Lokpal in Delhi

jan lokpal bill delhi

Kejriwal Squad cleared Jan Lokpal Bill in Delhi, overlaying the roads of creating the post of an anti-graft ombudsmen, which was claimed to the one projected during Anna Hazare movement, it will now be kept in assembly soon.

In the words of Deputy Chief minister Manish Sisodia “A strict Lokpal which won’t be a mere slogan, which won’t be limited to symbolism… that particular bill of the Anna movement, has been passed by the cabinet by the name Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill 2015. This is the same bill which came up during the Anna movement, without any changes.”

The Bill Drafted includes Chief Minister’s office in its purview along with others and it is in line with Uttrakhand Lokpal Bill which requires time-bound investigation.

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, following the decision said “Bill will be tabled in the Assembly soon,” while Manish Sisodia informed that Business Advisory Committee will take final provide dates when bill can be tabled in assembly.

Kejriwal Government En-Route for Tabling Jan Lokpal in Delhi

The opposition leader Vijendra Gupta, who previously aimed to surround Delhi Government on non-tabling of bill in the house, remarked the decision as a ‘compulsion’ move of government. He further added that “If the news is true then it is our success since BJP has been demanding tabling of the bill. Although the government was not inclined to bring the bill, it did so under compulsion it seems.”

Whereas, Ajay Maken, Party Chief in Delhi said “any dilution of the original bill won’t be acceptable to the Congress. The bill that was laid during the first stint of the AAP government should be brought.”

The Aam Aadmi Party traces its roots to the Jan Lokpal movement which was spearheaded by anti-graft activist Anna Hazare. In its first term, the AAP had introduced the bill in the Assembly in February 2014.

However, Kejriwal resigned within 49 days of assuming office on being unable to garner support to get it passed.



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