Know, why Italian folks say “Sala Congressi”?

No, this isn’t the brainchild of BJP’s IT Cell. Neither is the drunken antics of a Behan Ji’s supporter nor is the dirty work of an ex-Congressman. “Sala Congressi” can be easily seen almost everywhere in Italy itself, could this have the Congress here fuming?

In India, a wise person avoids the use of “Sala” word for the sake of moral responsibilities. While the party with a lot of friends, foes, and countryman, might not be amused.

Italy- the maternal home of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, has “sala Congressi” written on almost every restaurant and hotel. There might be some possibilities that sometimes Ms. Sonia Gandhi have spoken it and then realized. Therefore these boards unwittingly calling the Congress names do create a cheesy political humor!

What is “Sala Congessi”?

Jokes aside, “Sala Congress” has as easy meaning as the “Conference Hall” in Britain or in any other country where the English language is spoken. Yes! The literal meaning of “Sala” is- Hall, and of “Congressi” is- Conference.

So, an Italian name of Conference hall can evoke interesting reactions in the present political climate. Meanwhile, we can see a bunch of Netizens snapping their fingers and laughing at this irony.



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