Kodaikanal Won’t!

Kodaikanal Won't Step Down By Jhatkaa
Image Source: http://www.madhyamam.com/

The cauldron of history is overflowing with environmental issues caused due to ignorance on part of major Corporations. These involve hazardous environmental issues revolving round the health of the general public and resulting in harmful effects on the natural beauty and larger ecosystem. Many corporate giants are involved in cases where they’re found evading their Corporate Social Responsibilities, which cover the issues surrounding the management and prevention of threats that may arise from their operations. One such instance is that of Hindustan Unilever and the Tamil Nadu state government.  Unilever set up a factory involved in the process of making thermometers in the beautiful Kodaikanal Valley in 1983. This factory caused many a problems, which resulted in adverse effects on the Valley and the people of the valley as well as the factory. Though the government resorted to shutting the deadly operations of the factory in 2001, Unilever left without a cleanup operation, leaving behind toxic waste by the tonne in the mountains. Reports in 2003 surfaced and it was discovered that Unilever was seen making efforts to ship back the waste to reprocess it in Pennsylvania. But this recent video by Chennai based Rap artist Sofia Ashraf tells a completely different story about the sorrowful fate of Kodaikanal.



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