Let there be Peace!

international peace day 2015

On this International Peace day 2015 that falls on 21st September, we must say “Let There Be Peace”. Peace has various connotations attached to it which must ignite from within inside and then seek from the surroundings.

While in Bengaluru a marathon was organized on 20th September to enlighten the word of “International Peace Day”. International Day Of Peace marks the necessary essence of peace in the world. It is churned out by various components of intrinsic to extrinsic peace. Celebrated every year on 21st Sepember, the day is marked to strengthen the idea of peace among people and all the nations.

  “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~ Mother Teresa

international peace day activities

Around thousands of participant from all ages and distinct walks of life gathered at one place and participated in the six kilometers marathon. The marathon was organized by Asportz International and Raja Housing Limited, Bengaluru where healthy living was given a primary consent marked this day spreading the notion of healthy living with peace.

“World peace has always been a discussion. The International Peace Day is falling on 21st of September… Now this world peace event, which we have organized, is to promote health,” said Anup Kumar, the organizer.

Kumar also added “this initiative was taken to spread the message of peace and promote healthy living”.

While Bengaluru was showing up the signs of healthy living to generate peace, India and Pakistan held a flag meeting to spread the word of peace and maintain Indo-Pak relations. India and Pakistan will hold meeting on Monday at LoC (Line of control) in Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir where the real-time sustainability of peace will be discussed.

The meeting will discuss the  primitive issue of ceasefire violation as said by the PRO Defense Northern Command Col. SD Goswami. The  ceasefire violations have escalated to higher level since last few days. It resulted in large number of civilian casualties and collateral damage to properties. The meeting will take resolution by the field commanders from India and Pakistan.

India is looming on fair grounds of peace as one part of this country is looking for International peace and on the other side measures are taken to eradicate the peace hindrance elements.



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