Link your Aadhaar to your IRCTC Account and get a chance to win INR 10,000 Cash

IRCTC Aadhaar Link

Lately, the government has been repeatedly asking citizens to link Aadhaar to their bank accounts, mobile numbers and every possible account there is, which has become a little annoying for some people. However, this offer by Indian Railway is a clever way of getting people excited to link their Aadhaar to their IRCTC account as it will lend them an opportunity to win INR 10,000 cash.

As per the offer, those who link Aadhaar Number to IRCTC account can win a cash prize of INR 10,000 and free tickets as well. Besides, the users will also be able to book 12 tickets in one month which otherwise is limited to 6 tickets per month. So basically linking Aadhaar number can be a really profitable deal.

Link Aadhaar IRCTC

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Another advantage is that you don’t have to go to the railway counter for this. One can simply log on to your IRCTC account through your mobile phone or computer. After that link your unique Aadhaar number to the account via an OTP that you will receive on your mobile number. Post this; you will be able to avail the scheme till 6 months.

After the linking, whenever you will book your train tickets, the PNR number will be included in this scheme. The winner will be decided on the basis of a lucky draw. The computer will choose 5 names every month which will be displayed on the IRCTC site and will also be sent to the registered email ids.

The lucky winners will not only get INR 10,000 cash but their money on the booked tickets will also be refunded. However, the only condition is that the name on the tickets should be the same as that in the IRCTC account. Considering the benefits being offered by the scheme, this will not only get the travelers excited about linking their Aadhaar but will also encourage people to book more tickets.



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