List of Fake Universities Released by UGC


The University Grants Commission(UGC) releases a list of 21 fake Universities in India to warn students ahead of admissions.India has always been a hub for education and learning. So it definitely comes as a surprise when the University Grants Commission released a list of Colleges and Universities that have been operating under false education licenses, which deems them illegal by the apex body for higher education. The list of fake Universities release by UGC comprises of 21 Universities, and is published in the best interest of the students who may be duped into getting admission with them.

Section 22 of the UGC Act of 1956 authorizes only a University established by a Central or State act or an institution deemed to be university under Section 3 of the UGC act or an institution empowered by an act of parliament, to grant educational degrees. The Section 23 of the UGC Act further implies that the use of the term ‘University’ is illegal unless the institution using it has been formally appointed as a University by the responsible state body or UGC in this case. The list below, release by University Grant Commission, declares these institutions fake and their degrees null and void.


Sumaiya Khan for OhMyIndia!



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