Lok Sabha passess Citizenship Amendment Bill despite large opposition objection

Lok Sabha, Citizenship Amendment bill
Citizenship Amendment bill has been passed by Lok Sabha
Lok Sabha, Citizenship Amendment bill
Citizenship Amendment bill has been passed by Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), yesterday, with 311 votes in the favour of the bill and 80 against it. Home minister Amit Shah insisted that the only reason behind bringing the bill was to provide refuge to the “persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan”.

He said, “It’s a humanitarian issue, beyond political ideologies.” He raised the point that the legislation will not in any manner affect the minority communities in India. “The Muslims in India have nothing to fear, they will continue to live peacefully,” he carried on.

He was asked whether this bill will serve as a background for the nationwide NRC, in reply to which he said, “There will be NRC. For that there is no need for any background as BJP’s election manifesto promise is enough. Once NRC is implemented, we will ensure no infiltrator remains in the country.”

On this occassion he also announced the inclusion of Manipur in the Inner Line Permit areas. Shah said: “Infiltrators won’t be allowed to stay in the country at any cost.”

He criticized Pakistan for failing to
upheld the “Nehru-Liyaqat Khan pact” to protect the minorities of both the countries. The number of muslims has risen up in the recent years while on the other hand, the number of Hindus have decreased in Pakistan in the same frame of time. Shah said, “Obviously, either they have been converted, or made to flee or were killed.” He also emphasised on the fact that he reiterated opposition to Rohingyas’ stay in India.

When asked thay why Muslims weren’t included in the provisions of the bill, Shah said: “Simply because Muslims are not minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan.”

He also took a dig at Congress, saying Congress accepted partition of India on the basis of religion. He rallied on taunting Congress’ secular credentials, by saying that Congress is such a party that it aligns with Muslim League in Kerala and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.



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