Madhuri Dixit drops her guard and speaks about her powerful comeback, ‘Ek Do Teen’ Controversy, etc.

After a sabbatical of sorts, former Bollywood Superstar Madhuri Dixit has returned to the screen to amuse and charm us. With her basket full of new and exciting projects, she is all prepped up to make a remarkable comeback with Bucket List.

In a recent interview with a prominent online media, Madhuri let the cat out of the hat on a host of topics like the ‘Ek Do Teen’ controversy, her first Marathi film, Bucket List, reuniting with Anil Kapoor and with Ranbir Kapoor in Sanju.

On being asked what’s more on her bucket list, Madhuri said, ” I have acted in a Marathi movie, I am also producing one called 15 August which is a slice-of-life comedy. My bucket list keeps growing.

On being asked how she is going about working in different genres with Dhamaal, Bucket List, and Kalank. She said, “It is a wonderful time for me, my career, I couldn’t have asked for more. Bucket List is a quirky, slice-of-life film where I am playing a housewife. She has lost her own identity while taking care of her husband, children and the entire family, and when she tries to fulfil the bucket list, there is a kind of self-realisation. It is a simple story. She has simple dreams but there is lot of joy in the film. You will smile throughout thinking that how this woman, who is so domesticated and has rarely stepped out of her house, goes on this journey. Total Dhamaal is a mad screwball comedy and Kalank is a classic period film.”

This is how Madhuri transported us to her past. She said, “I used to have certain goals in life, say for instance, winning various competitions in school. I remember, I was hugely disappointed when I got the second prize for my first inter school competition where I performed kathak. My mom told me to participate again the next year and win the trophy, and for three consecutive years I came back with a trophy!”

On the Jacqueline Fernandez’s revamped version of ‘Ek Do Teen’ controversy, Madhuri remained calm and modest. This is how she reacted… “Well, nobody asked me anything, people just kept writing about it. Also, at that time I was out of the country. I haven’t seen Jacqueline’s version. But I would like to say that I love Jacqueline, she is a very sweet girl and I like her dance style. So when I will watch her version, I am sure that I will like it. I don’t mind remakes or remixes. It is like paying tribute to old songs and that also increases the longevity of a popular song. It is just that people have been watching my version of ‘Ek Do Teen’ for several years so there is a kind of attachment to it and they want certain songs and dance to remain untouched. But it is up to the makers. For Total Dhamaal, we have also done a remix of a song from Karz – ‘Paisa Ye Paisa’ which goes very well with our story because our story is about paisa and greed.”

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