Maharana Pratap Birth Anniversary: Know More about the Great Indian Warrior


Maharana Pratap, the great Indian warrior and patriot was born on May 9th, 1540, as per the Julian calendar, in Kumbalgarh in Kumbalgarh district of Rajasthan. The Rajput king is often touted as first Indian king to have won the war of independence because he was the only king back then who never made a sacrifice in front of Mughals.

The great warrior is still remembered and worshipped by the Rajputs for his courage and valor. It’s said that Maharana Pratap was the only Rajput warrior who was brave enough to challenge Akbar. Despite having less number of soldiers, Pratap was able to win the battle of Haldighati and remained undefeated until his last breath because of his witty war strategies. Although it’s a debatable topic as to who really won the battle, the Mughals were unable to capture Maharana Pratap.

Interestingly the Mewar King was born on May 9th, his birth anniversary is celebrated on Tritiya, Jyestha, Shukla Paksha that falls on a different date every year. However, this year, the Samajwadi Party has decided to celebrate Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary on 9th May in a grand ceremony which is to be held in Lucknow. The party would project Arvind Singh Gope as the face of the party. Besides, veteran political leader Mulayam Singh Yadav is also expected to be present at the function.

Every year, the Maharana Pratap Jayanti is celebrated with great fervor whereby religious processions are carried out and cultural programs are also organized. The great warrior is considered by many Indians as the epitome of heroism, patriotism, and pride.



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