Malaika Arora Khan lauds Deepika and Kangana with all her heart. What made Malaika appreciate her peers? Know More

Amidst a verbal demurral for gender inequality, women inferiority, and such issues, Malaika Arora Khan shone brightly as she credited her peer Bollywood women for fighting against the issue.

She also said that women still continue to fight for their rights and respect. “I think women fight so many battles literally on a daily basis. There are loads of issues but for me the one thing that makes me cringe, that makes me sad, that makes me want to stand up and do something about it is sexual harassment,” she said to the media at the Reebok FitToFight Awards 2.0 event.

Malaika suggested a sexual harassment law is set up in place. She cited it as the need of the hour. “Sexual harassment needs to be addressed. There needs to be some sort of law that is put in place and it is the need of the hour,” Malaika added.

On being asked how she feels about the current status of gender inequality in Bollywood, Malaika was upfront in her answer. She said “I don’t think we have managed to bridge that gap just yet. Yes, there is immense gender inequality we’ve been seeing but in the space and work we’re in I think that’s been there.”

“There’s still a lot of disparity in the industry and it continues to be a male-dominated industry. There’s still so much of pay inequality but we’re here. She said women are fit to fight. Malaika also added that she is sure that women’s efforts won’t go waste or unnoticed. “This fight we are a part of will pay and our women will come out triumphant,” she added confidently.

“There are a very few like a Farah Khan or a Zoya Akhtar or a Kangana or a Deepika. I think all these women stand for and really endorse gender equality,” she said while appreciating the strong women who take the lead.



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