Mark Zuckerberg admits his ‘mistake’. Here’s what he confessed

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sought another chance to lead world’s social media giant. He acknowledged his own mistakes which engendered the sharing of personal information with the third party.

Dealing with a mind-boggling data breach following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook founder and COO Mr. Zuckerberg asked for on another chance to lead the company.

He admitted that data of about 87 million people (mostly in the US), may have been unfittingly shared with London-based political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.”Give me another chance. This a huge mistake. It’s my mistake,” Mark Zuckerberg confessed to the media.

People make mistakes

“Yes. People make mistakes and learn along the way. I’m the first to admit we didn’t take a broad enough view of what our responsibilities are… What people should hold us accountable for is learning from the mistakes,” he added.

“I have not, due to the CA situation, yet. We’re still working through this. At the end of the day, this is my responsibility. There have been a bunch of questions about that. I started this place, I run it, I’m responsible for what happens here,” he opened up about CA issue.

It’s a never-ending battle

“It’s not good … It still speaks to people feeling like this was a massive breach of trust and that we have a lot of work to do to repair that. It will be a multi-year process to combat disinformation. It’s a never-ending battle,” he said. “I’m confident we’re making progress against these adversaries but they’re very sophisticated. We can’t expect to fully solve a problem like this,” Mr. Zuckerberg added.

Terming it as a never-ending battle, Mark Zuckerberg sure wanted to apprise users of a bright and positive sequence of changes in the operationality of the social media giant. What could it possibly be?



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