Micromax CEO Burns Wallets, says “You don’t need your wallet anymore.”


The founder of Micromax subsidiary YU, Rahul Sharma who has always made headlines for his unique ways of promoting the brand and products is again in the news with something new and unusual you might not have thought of. Yes the founder has found a new way of promoting the brand’s new smartphone and has gone viral since then.

The YU forum recently posted a new video which features Rahul Sharma who is seen burning a heap of wallets. Well you might be wondering why he would do that. But let us tell you it is because he believes “you don’t need your wallet anymore”. Is that even possible? If that’s what you are thinking, the new smartphone ‘Yunicorn’ features an e-wallet or something like Yu Pay through which you would be able to pay off your due bills online.

But as far as the company is concerned, they have made no such announcements. Well, if you haven’t watched this viral video which says, “you don’t need your wallets’ featuring Rahul Sharma, then without a waste of one more sec, watch it here:

You can watch live feed below:



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