Milkman Delivers Golf Prodigy!

Milkman' son to junior world golf title
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Shubham Jaglan, a name that speaks volumes today. The story of the Gold prodigy, who after winning the IMG Academy junior world championship under the age 9-10 years category in San Diego, California has gone viral, deserves all our attention. The inspirational story of how a milkman’s son became a Golfer is beyond everyones imaginations and is garnering global attention.

Jaglan, aged 10 belongs to a Milkman family from a village in Haryana, he has no official training. The champion in the Junior World Championship category claims to have learnt all he knows about the sophisticated sport from YouTube videos.

Milkman' son to junior world golf title
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According to the reports, an NRI set up a small golf field in his home village, Israna. The NRI bought these kids some equipment, and hired a local caddie for them.  However after some time the kids lost interest and the caddie also quit his job. Shubham’s love interest for the game was phenomenal and the caddie left by dropping some of the equipment at Shubham’s house. The caddie told Shubham’s dad about his son’s incredible talent.

His game got polished while practicing in the local fields, as he was hooked to this game. His implausible talent was enhanced with the techniques he adopted from videos eh watched. This gem son caught the attention of former top golfer Nonita Lall Qureshi, who was astonished on watching this undiscovered champ playing with such expertise. She lauds the young gun and adds, “Most of the time he used to spent watching you tube videos and till the age of 7, most of his game was self-preached.”

Jaglan was soon began training at The Golf foundation, run and founded by Arjuna awardee and Asian games Gold medalist, Amit Luthra. His game improved under the guidance he received there. Last year, Shubham finished as a runner-up and but this year was victorious. He posted a comment on Facebook, sharing this phenomenal stepping stone with the world and thanked all who were present on his struggle to successs. He especially mentioned his dad , who he says regularly inspires him, Nonita Lall Qureshi for seamlessly pushing his game, and the Delhi golf Club for giving him the facility to play and practice.

He bestowed his love for Amit Luthra and The Golf foundation, for providing him this amazing platform and opportunity. However, the story doesn’t culminate here as for Shubham this is just a start. This he considers a small victory in the many more to come. If you have the flair for something, even sky cannot be your limit. You can touch boundaries, to attain your ultimate goal. All you need to do is set one and combined with sheer hard work you can come out victorious, just as Shubham did!



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