Mira Kapoor acting debut on Television goes terribly wrong. Watch it yourself

The rumor has always had it that Shahid Kapoor’s darling Mira Kapoor will soon show up in films, but recently we had a surprise for all on Television. It’s a TV commercial for anti-aging cream Olay.

Mira shared the ad on her Instagram and other social media handles for her fans to see. To her dismay, however, the fans became her trollers instead. She was brutally slammed for endorsing anti-aging creams at a young age of 23.

The message was loud and clear: “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right? She said it is very beautiful to become a mother but also shared the other side of it. She said the birth of Misha had brought Mira and Shahid very close.

“I’ve always been a very hands-on mom, so you tend to forget yourself as a woman. The stress, the sleepless nights – my pregnancy glow just vanished.,” she added.

She even captioned her post like: “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right? Here’s my #Reborn story… what’s yours?”

Mira was anticipated to feature in a film with Shahid Kapoor but instead, she opted for a TV commercial to make her acting debut. Shahid Kapoor commented on Mira’s post: “Who is this stunner?”

Mira was dressed in a black dress and sported a nice belt to camouflage her tummy (work done only slightly though).

However, netizens who saw the post criticised Mira for reasons more than one. Some slammed her for endorsing an anti-aging brand at the age of 23, some said she is so fake, while others said that her face should be without any makeup when she is talking about beauty and anti-aging.

Mira said that she is pregnant again and she is prepared for it. We love the spirit but nobody likes the idea of her endorsing an anti-aging cream, something which other women aged above 40 are endorsing.



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