Modi govt gives 10% Job reservation to ‘economically backwards’ from general castes

In a landmark, the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has finally decided to give 10% reservation in jobs and higher education for economically backward persons from various castes in the general category.

According to the bill, the 10% reservation will be given to those economically backward and poor people who are not availing the benefit of reservation as of now.

This historical decision was approved by the Union Cabinet on Monday. The reservation will be over and above the existing 50% reservation. For this, the government will amend Articles 15 and 16 – which are on discrimination and equal opportunity – of the Constitution to implement it.

Who will be eligible for this reservation?

The bill will support those in the general category whose family income is below Rs 8 Lac per annum and own less than 5 acres of land would be eligible. Further, the person’s residential house should be below 1000 sq ft, and the residential plot should be below 100 yards in a notified municipality area.

General castes include- Brahmins, Jains, Rajpoots, Aggarwal, Johri, Sindhi and Punjabi etc. Now they will be the direct beneficiary of the amendment.

Economically backward classes were facing negligence since the constitution had come into effect. Along with the time, some castes from OBC and bellow got their share in the caste reservation system by hook or by crook. Protests and riots helped them get some percentages. Now the cadre which really deserves development has got the reservation in the quota.

Modi cabinet’s decision is being welcomed nationwide. People from the upper class and direct beneficiary celebrated the decision with firing cracker at some places.

But the opposition parties got no chill. Reacting to the announcement, Congress leader Harish Rawat said that the decision to award 10% reservation when the general elections are around the corner and that it won’t save the BJP-led NDA government.



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