Mother’s Day 2018: Check out the contest by Indian Government, Gifts for her and more

Mothers Day
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Mothers are the most wonderful creation of the god. The love, care and compassion of mothers are incomparable. It is very rightly said that the debt we owe to our parents cannot be paid. Her guidance helps in shaping the lives of children and her support makes them to go through rough patches of lives. Well.. a big thanks to ancient Greek and Romans who started the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day. The second Sunday of May is being celebrated as Mother’s Day in various parts of the world. This year, it falls on 13th May. As this day is dedicated to all mothers and their motherhood so know the ways to make it special for mothers.

There are many mothers who spend good amount of time every day in kitchen for their families. Cook a meal or your mother’s favourite dish or dessert. She would definitely love this gift.

For a businesswoman, time is money. Gift your mother an elegant wrist watch as nothing is more wonderful than this present.

Mothers have no time to rest. So, gift your mom some time to pamper herself with exclusive spa. It will not only ease her stress but also makes her to enjoy her company.

Mothers day

Contest on Mother’s Day
Organizing competition on Mother’s Day is great way to celebrate motherhood. This year, the government of India, via MyGov, invites citizens to share their stories and habits that they have inculcated from their mothers. The winner will be given ₹ 2000 cash prize. The contest is open for all general public for all age groups. The participants are requested to follow/ like the Ministry’s social media accounts to be updated with the developments of the contest.



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