“#MyTrain Story”: Sharing the awesome experiences in Indian Railways


We are encountering some extraordinary everyday examples of good governance from the time Narendra Modi and his team has taken the oath of central ministerial departments. Out of all, the foreign and Railway ministry have always made some headlines with their effective governance and modern approach. Yes, we are talking about Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu. These two Ministers have changed the way, the world looks at the Indian political leaders. They provide every possible help to the people who come to them through modern means. The social network site, Twitter has brought them closer to the common man. People just tweet about their problems and the Ministers themselves solve it or direct the issue to the concerned department, may it be relating to medical help or non-working AC in the trains, passport issue or Indians working abroad.

The new innovative initiative of Suresh Prabhu, the Central Railway Minister of India is “#MyTrainStory” campaign on Twitter. India has the largest Railway network in the world and an amazing campaign started by the Indian Railways gives us some of the fascinating train journey experiences motivating us to travel through trains. People have to share memories of their train journey on Twitter along with photographs, videos, etc. Your story can be normal or fascinating but this idea in itself is worth praising. People from across the country are welcoming the thought and excitedly twitting their experiences on the twitter wall.
Some of the incredible ones are lined below:

#MyTrainStory is not only an initiative rather a lucrative contest, which is described by Suresh Prabhu as, “Every day the number of people traveling from Indian Railways is increasing. While many undertake the journey to reach a particular destination, there are a lot of people who do it for the experience of the train journey, the chance to meet people and to experience the views. I would appeal to these people to share their story. What was your special experience? What did you learn? Please share with us.”
He also twitted, “A train journey is also an experience nd connected with many pleasant memories of our lives and major life events.Do share wth #MyTrainStory. U can share ur #MyTrainStory in form of write-up,pic,video with the hashtag #MyTrainStory. U can also mail ur stories to mytrainstory@gmail.com,” he elaborates by, “I will also retweet, share some select good stories. Keep sharing through all channels #MyTrainStory.”
There will be a panel set up so that they could select some of the best stories and share it on Indian Railways’ social media platforms and also published in the Rail Bandhu magazine. It is also informed that it will be a yearlong competition and the best three stories will get a chance to meet Suresh Prabhu. Other than this, some e-certificates will also be distributed on a monthly basis.



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