NaMo outshines over World top CEOs in Silicon Valley

What top CEOs said about India after meeting PM Modi

The top tech giant CEOs of the world, Facebook, Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Cisco Systems and Microsoft were surrounded by the magnificent aura of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi who met them on Sunday at San José. The startups and the huge milestones signed on to PM Modi’s “Digital India” initiative. Where the shining stars of top companies of the world joined hands with Modi for his digital India initiative, Modi embraced the entire valley with his thoughtful mind. Let’s see what the top CEO’s of the world has been embarked by Modi’s visit:

1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Narendra Modi’s Q and A certainly created sensation all around the world where some emotional vibes were also sensed. However, on the progressive end, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook shares a strong connection with India. He articulated India as a “temple” of knowledge from where he had gained a lot at the time like 10 years back when he was almost on the verge of selling Facebook. The robust bond between Facebook and India had received immense warmth after this visit.

2. Google CEO Sundar Pichai:


Our very own Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed CEO of Google who had posted a video recently to welcome PM Narendra Modi to India, was very excited about Modi’s visit. Sundar Pichai said “I’m excited because I care about technology and know India will play a huge part in facilitating it. India is the fastest growing startup nation in the world. There are more than 3,000 startups in India. These are global success stories. While in India, I could feel the change. Hungry entrepreneurs, similar to ones I meet in Silicon Valley”.

3. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:


Satya Nadella, himself an Indian by origin who governs Microsoft draws his perspective about India and how Microsoft can channelize towards this mission. He said India has world class entrepreneurs and human capital. He acclaimed the PM’s vision and his Digital India initiative where tech is a powerful tool to enable human ingenuity. He added “we have plans to take technology to 500,000 villages in India. We will bring world class infrastructure to India and respecting digital securities is key milestone for us”.

4. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook:


The present CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that India has a special place in the mind of every Apple employee, our founder Steve Jobs found his inspiration in India.

5. Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs


Qualcomm CEO who seemed to be quite inspired and motivated by PM Modi’s stop in Silicon Valley shared his vision about India. We’re extremely excited, motivated with PM Modi’s Digital India vision. India under PM Modi’s leadership is really moving in the right direction. India has more internet traffic on mobiles than any other country. India is providing a huge market for smartphone technology.

6. Cisco Systems John Chambers:

cisco-modi visits

John T Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco believes businesses and government need to work together to build a tech ecosystem, adding that India’s digital wave is resounding. He said Modi has a potential of becoming one of the top five leaders of the world. He has a global vision and acknowledges it stupendously. According to him as companies move towards a digital age, every company will be a tech company. He believes PM Modi with his focus on ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ can trigger a change for the better.



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